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The Gudereit trackingline LCR

  • Rohloff speedhub
  • Hs 33 Magura hydraulic breaks
  • Schwalbe Marathon plus tires
  • Shimano sports hub dynamo








The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 has been developed for both pros and performance oriented hobby cyclists who can appreciate it because of its reliability, perfect single gear ratios, equalling 28 gears, low maintenance and easy operation; its weight and efficiency are ideal even for pro racing.


The sealed gearbox ensures reliability and durability even under the toughest conditions. have access to the right gear regardless of situation. Pure fun is guaranteed.

 The SPEEDHUB 500/14 is operated by a twist shifter which shifts simply by pulling separate cables up or down


rohloff gearbox

HS 33. The LEGEND!


The legendary rim brake classic with well-proven technologies like TPA for toolless pad wear adjustment are completed by the disc brake proven technology EBT.

The appeal of the HS 33 generation is its own high-class, yet super lightweight master in either metal or carbon look, the both elegant and sporty 2-finger aluminium lever blade and the characteristic form of the master with its high-class applications. The best rim brake designed and manufactured in Germany.


magura brakes



The Marathon Plus is the only tire worldwide that may be called "flatless". This is due to its unique puncture protection belt that is five millimeters thick and made from special rubber (patented). Even thumbtacks can't puncture it. But the new Marathon Plus is not only flatless. It also rolls more lightly than ever before. And, because of its anti-aging side wall, it lasts unbelievably long.



Shimano dynamo


The shimano sports hub dynamo is a practical lighting solution for sports and trekking bikes with hub dynamo lamp systems. Obviously the hub dynamo is far more superior to the battery type in terms of ecology and economy